We are proud to offer a complete smart solution to improve the well-being of people with a loss of autonomy. We believe that beneficiaries, caregivers and health professionals deserve the appropriate technological tools to face daily challenges. While ensuring the comfort and safety of the beneficiary, our products allow the caregiver a (more) flexible - efficient - simple - complete management, even from a distance.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide peace of mind to our customers by offering a complete, simple and reliable solution. Domilia takes care to lighten your daily load thanks to its innovative tools, which support both beneficiaries and those who support them. 

Our history

Working for the well-being of people with reduced mobility since 2014, first implementing a home care service as well as a product distribution company, the founder of Domilia was able to testify to the crying need for technology within this sector.

The Domilia smart solution is the result of several years dedicated to optimizing the well-being of people with reduced mobility and loss of autonomy. Its range of technological products makes it possible to manage alerts, capture information in real-time and monitor data developments, all through the mobile application.