Comment choisir un établissement de soins de la mémoire : conseils pour les familles

How to Choose a Memory Care Facility: Tips for Families

One of the downsides of being a senior is suffering cognitive impairments like memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer. The sad thing about these impairments is that they are progressive. In other words, the situation only gets worse with time, and the senior will most definitely need a caregiver to provide care. The best way to help a senior with such a condition is to enroll them in a reputable memory care facility because they need professional help getting through the challenges of memory loss.

That’s where it gets tricky.

Deciding to put a loved one in a memory care facility is not easy. Besides the fact that you would be missing them, it can be difficult to know where to start or what questions to ask. That said, in this blog post, we will provide tips for families who are looking for a memory care facility for a loved one.

We will discuss things to consider when making your decision. We will also provide a list of questions to ask potential facilities.

Rest assured and read on!


What Are Their Needs

When looking for a memory care facility, it is important to consider the needs of your loved one. That is essentially the first step to take in the process. It is important to know if your beloved senior struggles with activities such as dressing, bathing, or eating. Do they suffer chronic health decisions that would require constant monitoring and medications? You should also get the senior's opinions when trying to ascertain these things because it will help you get the best memory care facility for them. 

The point is to find out how independent they will be when at the facility, as it will help you get the kind of care they need to lead the best quality of life. That said, here are some questions that you need answers to at this stage:

  • Does my senior family member show aggression or other difficult behaviors such as anger and agitation?
  • Does my senior family member get lost, seek exits or wander frequently?
  • Do they suffer senior mobility issues? 
  • Do they need help using the bathroom and other daily activities?
  • Do they need 24-hour supervision?
  • Does my senior family member have chronic health conditions that require ongoing medical attention or treatments, such as dialysis, diabetes management, or colostomy care?
  • What is the level of dementia or memory loss that my beloved senior struggles with? 
  • Do they need special dietary accommodations?
  • What kind of social interaction do they need and desire 


What Are The Available Amenities

Once you have duly ascertained the needs of your senior(s), the next step would be to review the kind of caregiving services available for them. Now how do you do that? First, you need to check out the kind of amenities that are available at the memory care facilities that you are examining. The best memory care facilities provide supportive environments with tailored caregiving services offered by some of the industry's most qualified and professional staff. Beyond the efficiency, the right kind of amenities goes a long way in making your seniors stay a pleasurable one. Some of the amenities you would need at a memory care facility range from specific meal management through care coordination to concierge services. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask at any memory care facility that you are considering:

  • What types of accommodations are available: cottages or shared apartments?
  • How many meals or snacks are provided daily?
  • How are meals served? Are there caregivers that help your senior with eating?
  • What fitness and wellness programs are offered?
  • What kinds of activities and memory-enhancing programs are available?
  • Are the accommodations clean and spacious enough?
  • Can your loved one redecorate and personalize that space to their taste?
  • What is the design of the facility? For example, are there labeled doors and rooms that help the seniors find their way around?
  •  Is there an enclosed outdoor area with walking paths?


The best thing is to find out if the facility is an Alzheimer's Certified facility. This is the kind of facility that is certified to provide Alzheimer's or related dementia care services. These facilities often have the best amenities for providing premium caregiving services.


What Safety Features Does The Memory Care Facility Provide?

Safety is a top concern for families seeking dementia care. Most seniors that need memory care are prone to wandering, which often puts them at risk of falls and other dangerous situations. That is why you should opt for a memory care facility that has excellent safety measures and precautions that keeps their patients safe.

The best memory care facilities often have the following safety features:

  • Round the clock supervised care
  • Emergency alert systems
  • Keypad entry
  • Alarms on emergency exits
  • Interior courtyards

When checking out a memory care facility for your loved one, here are some questions that you should ask:

  • Are the facility’s buildings and grounds secured?
  • Are there safety features like keypad entry, safety locks on outdoor fences, emergency alert systems, and enclosed courtyards?
  • Do they have color-coded hallways that prevent the seniors from getting lost within the facility?
  • Is there round the clock staff supervision
  • What are the caregivers?
  • Is medical help easily accessible?
  • Are there automatic lights in the bathrooms?
  • Are there low grab bars or handrails to improve stability
  • Are there emergency call buttons


Cognitive impairments can reduce the quality of life of your family member that is a senior. Thankfully, memory care facilities can help these seniors lead a better life. The thing is that there are a lot of memory care facilities around you with a variety of amenities, staff and services.

So choosing the right memory care facility can be a challenge. We understand the situation. That is why we provided some insights in this blog post that should help you make the right decisions. All you need to do is apply the information we shared in this blog, and choosing the right memory care facility for that senior family member of yours will become a lot easier for you.