Les nombreux bienfaits d'une couverture lourde chez les personnes âgées

The Many Benefits of a Heavy Blanket for Elderly People

Getting quality sleep as we get older becomes a lot more difficult. For seniors, in particular, there is a
range of reasons why they struggle to enjoy quality sleep. Some of these reasons include medical conditions, the effects of their medications, the complications from senior mobility issues, and possible mental health disorders, among other factors. Thankfully, there are some simple solutions that can make it a lot easier for them to sleep better. One of such solutions is to use a heavy blanket.


Now there are many benefits to using a heavy blanket for older adults. This blog post will discuss the
many benefits of using a heavy blanket for older people!


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Warmth And Comfort

One of the biggest benefits of a heavy blanket is that it can be a great way to keep warm and comfortable during the winter months because this kind of blanket is designed to insulate their bodies from the cold air. Most seniors have issues with regulating their body temperature, but with a heavy blanket, they will feel a lot more warm and comfortable, especially during the winter months or for those who are living in a colder climate. Some heavy blankets even come with features that regulate the temperature, so seniors don't have to wake up in the night with sweating or cold feet.

Besides the warmth that a heavy blanket provides, did you know that it can also help seniors from getting sick? Yes, it can. A heavy blanket can also help improve circulation and reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers. So for seniors trying as hard as they can to avoid the debilitating effects of ulcers, a heavy blanket can provide a measure of protection against them.


Reduced Stress Levels

Due to age, most seniors are especially susceptible to stress, but you'd be surprised to know that some heavy blankets are also designed to lower the production of cortisol which is the hormone responsible for causing stress in the body. A heavy also applies firm pressure on the seniors using them. This pressure has a way of stimulating the central nervous system and releasing feel-good hormones that make seniors feel less stressed and reduce any anxiety they might have. As a result, some issues like irritability, high blood pressure, and excessively high blood rates are better managed so that seniors can
be in the right state of mind to sleep better.


Improved Mental Health and Wellbeing

Heavy blankets can help manage the symptoms of certain mental health issues like dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and even restless leg syndrome. Some of the major issues these ailments cause include anxiety and increased stress. 

Thankfully, seniors who use heavy blankets can enjoy some respite as it is known to reduce the anxiety
and stress that comes with these diseases. But there's more.

Heavy blankets can also help folks suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic pain issues. It does this by stimulating the body to release more serotonin which helps such seniors feel better.  If you are a caregiver responsible for a senior with restless leg syndrome, your caregiving job can get a lot easier with a heavy blanket. A heavy blanket exerts some pressure on the seniors body and will help alleviate the pin and needle sensations that often come with this ailment.


Tackles Depression

Although depression is known to occur at any age, some of the folks that it strikes the hardest are seniors. Depression is part of the ageing process, so a senior you know or in your care may be battling insomnia.

As if depression was bad enough,it often comes with insomnia, making an already bad situation even worse. A depressed senior who also battles insomnia runs the risk of burn-out and a range of other health issues.

This is where a heavy blanket can be helpful.

When used properly, a heavy blanket will make a depressed senior feel a lot calmer and less anxious, all thanks to the increased secretion of feel-good hormones in the body. As we have already mentioned, heavy blankets have a way of causing an increase of these feel-good hormones, so seniors find it a lot easier to sleep. Plus, they get to sleep for much longer since the quality of their sleep is improved. So they end up feeling better when they wake and are in a better condition to handle the depression they struggle with.


Better Ambiance for Sleeping

One of the ways that persons in the caregiving profession are encouraged to help seniors sleep better is to have the right ambience for sleeping. You know the right bedclothes, duvets, down mattresses; the whole nine yards and such.

A heavy blanket improves all of those as it will make all of the right sleeping materials a lot more effective. So when combined with these materials, seniors will be at their most comfortable and are more likely to feel and sleep better since the right ambience has already been created. Of a truth, there is no underestimating what the right sleeping ambience can do for a senior who is battling sleep.



The benefits of heavy blankets shared in this article are by no means reasons for you to stop getting medical attention. While heavy blankets have many benefits, they are not substitutes for medications designed to cure or manage health conditions.

We advise seniors with health issues to get to see a doctor or a certified health professional as soon as they can because that is the best way to get better. Heavy blankets will only help them feel better while the medications do the work they are designed to do. So what's the best way to use a heavy blanket?

Get the seniors in your care to take their medications and food properly, and then all things being equal, the heavy blanket becomes the icing on the cake to make their lives a lot sweeter.

So, having a heavy blanket is a win-win situation if you are looking to improve the well-being of the seniors around you.