La liste ultime pour une salle de bain sécuritaire : Conseils de prévention des chutes

The Ultimate Bathroom Safety Checklist: Fall Prevention Tips

Falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors and one of the most likely places for these falls is the bathroom. That is why you must insist that your caregiver must go the extra mile in making your bathroom safe. Indeed keeping your bathroom safe is a crucial step in preventing falls.

Let’s put things in perspective. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of every five falls leads to serious injuries, such as broken bones or head injuries. Those are pretty worrisome stats. That is why in this blog post, we will provide you with a bathroom safety checklist to help keep you safe while you're in the bathroom. We strongly believe that following these simple tips can help prevent serious accidents and injuries.

So read on to find some great fall prevention tips that should keep you safe around your bathroom:  


Grab Bars

Grab bars are particularly important in the bathroom because they give seniors the balance and support they need before and after performing their bathroom activities. Most bathroom falls by seniors result from them holding onto soap dishes or towel bars for support. Unfortunately, this often proves to be a grave mistake because both options are not strong enough to support the full weight of a senior, and so a fall becomes inevitable.

Thankfully grab bars can eliminate the possibility of these falls. Grab bars make it easy to maintain your balance when lowering yourself into the toilet. They also help you steady yourself when taking a shower.

Grab bars come in various sizes and designs. For example, there are the suction cup grab bars that can easily be installed on walls using screws, and there are the drill-in grab bars that need to be drilled into the wall for stability. 

But that is not all to grab bars. The wall-mounted grab bars are installed on the walls and the floor-to-ceiling grab bars.

Floor to ceiling pole grab

  • Allow for location-specific installation
  • Easy, tool-free installation
  • Easily removed

Wall-mounted grab bars provide secure support

  • Provides solid support for both sitting and standing activities in the bathroom and shower
  • Needs correct positioning and installation
  • Installation is permanent


Avoid Slippery Areas 

Slips can happen anytime, and it is a caregivers' nightmare that all caregivers do their utmost to avoid. One of the reasons is that it is doubly dangerous for seniors given their age-weakened bodies. Therefore, you should do your best to eliminate situations that could facilitate slips.

One place to be particularly careful about is the bathroom because many activities involving slippery surfaces take place there. For example, if your bathroom is made of slippery tiles, you might have to do some redecorating. Redecorating your bathroom floors with bamboo, vinyl, and cork is a good way to go about this.

However, if you don't have the funds for such a project, we recommend using pocket-friendly alternatives like non-slip and rugs. Avoid using scatter rugs because they are also easy to trip over. Another great option to explore would be non-slip decals. Have someone apply them to the tiles in your bathroom to reduce your chances of slipping.

The anti-slip mat made by Seniority is an excellent choice because it comes with an anti-skid texture that prevents movement during use.


Caution Around Bathtubs And Toilets 

One of the biggest issues faced by seniors is mobility. Their joints don't work like they used to, so moving around can be challenging, especially in and out of a bathtub. You could use some options to help reduce the risks of falls around this area, including non-slip mats, grab bars, and handrails.

These increase their abilities to stay balanced and reduce the risk of slips. You might also want to use safety threads because they are designed to stick to the floor to add the traction seniors like you need to move around safely in your bathroom.

Another great way to guarantee safety from falls in the bathroom is to use raised toilet seats. These seats are designed to make it easier for seniors to handle their business without worrying about sitting or standing during and after using the toilet.
Raised toilet seats are also easy to install, and they are built with the standard US and Canadian toilet sizes in mind. Some of the options out there in the market include basic raised, locked, those support arms, and those with the option of height adjustment.

Some reasons why raised toilet seats are a great idea include: 

  • Tool-free installation
  • Easy to remove
  • They reduce the risk of falls

It is also recommended to have wireless call buttons placed in the most risky areas, such as around the sink and bathtub. This way, you know that measures will be taken in case of emergency. 


Avoid UnAttach Chairs And Stools

Try to avoid using chairs and stools that are unattached to the bathroom and toilet walls. The reason is that these things can cause you to trip over them. If your shower chairs and bathtub transfer benches are not affixed and made firm, get them off the bathroom.

Instead, we recommend that you install walk-in showers or walk-in bathtubs because they are designed to reduce the risks of slips and falls significantly. Some of them come with : 

  • Grab Bars
  • No-Slip Flooring 
  • Anti-Scald Faucet 
  • Shower Seat



Seniors need caregivers that are great at taking care of them. That said, there are some steps that seniors need to take to guarantee their comfort and safety. Falls are the leading cause of injury and even the death of seniors.
These falls often happen due to slips. And one area of the house that slips the most is the bathroom. That is where a lot of activities that involve water take place. And water makes most surfaces slippery and increases the risk of falls.
That is why we have provided something of a bathroom checklist to ensure your safety while in the bathroom.